What Reviewers Are Raving About!

“Maybe the best source of wisdom is right in front of our noses.  In The Business PACT, Tony Nuzzo shares a fascinating variety of practical business lessons drawn from his own daily life.  He offers an easy, user-friendly read that may just turn your own daily life into a series of illuminations.”      Bob Reynolds, President & CEO, Putnam Investments

The Business PACT is full of history and a warm sense of place.  I especially appreciate the vignette about the Scallop Shells and putting together the right team for success.  I highly recommend it.”    Stacy Madison, Founder, Stacy’s Pita Chips

The Business PACT is easy to read with great stories.  The advice is memorable and to the point with applications for all businesses.  I definitely recommend this book.”   John K. Mara, President & CEO, The New York Football Giants

The Business PACT is a practical version of profound business wisdom.  I wish I had read it years ago so that the lessons would have guided me through my career.  This book is a blueprint for achieving success in business and, more than that, in life, too.  It couldn’t have been better!”    Richard Serrins, President, Marketing Analysts, LLC – MAi

“Tony Nuzzo continues to impress with his thoughtful and common sense approach to business and life.  Readers will delight in the practical overview of the fundamental concepts of business explained easily through real life circumstances and experiences.  I loved it!”   Megan Kelleher, Managing Partner of Vaksam LLC.

“Tony Nuzzo’s book is a very enjoyable read and I applaud his common sense approach to addressing the issues facing businesses today.  I highly recommend it.”    Peter F. Mawn, Founder and Managing Partner, Oakmont Partners, LLC.

“Tony Nuzzo’s book is an easy-to-read assemblage of interesting stories and vignettes that are full of insights and observations about both business and life.  There are lessons in it worth remembering and reminding oneself about time and again.”    Howard Wolk, Co-President, The Cross Country Group

The Business PACT is a well-written, thought provoking read that provides value to all who are building or running a business.  Even more valuable is the model Tony Nuzzo creates, demonstrating how we can find nuggets of gold if we remain open to the lessons that are present in the vignettes of our own daily lives.”   Carol Hempfling Pratt, General Counsel, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston

“A highly readable collection of vignettes designed to teach, in a gentle manner, some basic business thinking relevant to life planning.  The author is clearly well versed in financial planning and sensitive to the common issues families face every day.”   - Michael Jellinek, M.D., President of Newton Wellesley Hospital & Professor of Psychiatry and of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

“Tony Nuzzo does a great job of explaining common business sense in an approachable, engaging, and understandable way.”    – JB Doherty, Co-Owner, Prudential Howe & Doherty Realtors

“In this insightful book, Tony Nuzzo provides a formula for success in business, specifically, and in life, generally.  The reader can’t miss the point!”    Arnie Scott, Vice Chairman, First Commons Bank, N.A. 

The Business PACT is full of practical gems that could benefit any reader who applies the lessons in this book to both business and life.  The stories stick with you!”    Robert Tiziani, Founder and CEO, Tiziani Whitmyre Inc.

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