Tools for Success in a New Business Book

Regardless of the size of a business, there are fundamentals that contribute to the success of each and every one of them. These tenets are not secrets held in corporate safes or buried in complex philosophies known only to a chosen few. They can be found in every day life, all around us, if we merely take the time to see them.

An enjoyable, timeless read full of interesting and memorable snippets from the journal of an award winning business person, Tony Nuzzo’s debut is an accessible, easy to understand guideline for small business owners and their employees. It is a benchmark for large company employees, and a help to students who want to improve their business thinking. Each chapter of the book is a vignette, a slice of life from fifty summer days in the author’s life. While written about recent events, the relevance of these tales transcends time as the concept of each story can easily be grasped outside of modern technology or thought. They are enduring observations and pieces of advice that were as applicable two centuries ago as they are today. Each of these vignettes is grouped into one of four business categories that represent the four key processes of successful businesses: Planning, Analysis, Communication, and Teamwork (or PACT). Each story provides insight, each chapter a fundamental building block, and the book as a whole reveals a broad view of the tools necessary to turn your business or career—or both—into its own success story.

As transparent as it is memorable, Nuzzo presents the gift of profound truths wrapped in the simple paper of everyday life. The recipient of American Business Awards’ prestigious Stevie Award in 2010 for Financial Services Executive of the Year, Nuzzo’s The Business PACT: Connecting Business Thinking With Daily Living is an entertaining, actionable treatise that will help you achieve success in work and in life.